Perineal massage
made simple

Take control over your birth prep

Perineal massage helps prepare you for birth

Perineal massage is recommended by healthcare professionals because it is shown to reduce the risk of perineal trauma and pain.

Perimom empowers you to do perineal massage completely by yourself, whenever you want.

With Perimom, there's no need to be ultra-flexible to reach your perineum or ask a partner to help. Just you doing everything possible for a positive birth experience.

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A world of benefits

Do it on your own

Perimom's shape was especially designed to allow you to bypass your baby bump and reach your perinem at the right angle.

Apply the oil with less mess

Use Perimom's built-in oil channel to apply the oil directly to the area of massage.

Keep your nails intact

No need to trim you nails when you do the massage on your own. How great is that?

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