Do perineal massage,

Take control over your birth prep

The simple, recommended way to prepare your perineum for childbirth

Perineal massage is recommended by midwives and doulas because it is shown to reduce the risk of perineal trauma and pain.

Perimom empowers you can do perineal massage completely by yourself. It lets you reach around the baby bump without having to be ultra-flexible and without having to ask a partner to help. Just you, whenever you want.

Do everything possible for a positive birth experience. Start using Perimom.

It’s in your hands.

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Perineal massage is three simple steps

Step 1
Pour oil

Pour massage oil into a specially designed channel to reach the perineum with less mess

Step 2

Massage your perineum to make it more flexible in preparation for childbirth

Step 3
Wash, Store, Repeat

Wash Perimom with soapy water. Dry and store it until next time.

Recommended by Professionals and Users

The way that it's shaped makes the whole perineal massage experience a lot nicer

Tali Mark

It's an extension of your hand. Now you can more comfortably reach your perineum

Angie Willis, Midwife, @thecomidwife