Appareil de massage périnéal Perimom + huile de massage du périnée

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Le massage périnéal en prélude à l'accouchement est désormais à votre portée. La boîte contient un appareil de massage périnéal Perimom et de l'huile d'amande pour que vous puissiez commencer à vous préparer à l'accouchement dès son arrivée chez vous.

Dimensions du Perimom :

  • Longueur : 22 cm
  • Poids : 125 grammes
  • Largeur de la cuillère inférieure : 3,3 cm 

Ingrédients de l'huile :

Huile d'amande douce (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), alcool benzylique, acide salicylique et glycérine, acide sorbique

Dimensions de l'huile :

  • Longueur : 16 cm
  • Capacité : 120 ml

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 124 reviews

    Great service and easy to use I recommend to mums out there

    Stephanie H. (Oakland, US)
    So far so good

    I just purchased it, and still working on getting to know how it works and how confident I feel, but so far so good

    Jessica L. (Manchester, GB)
    Helping me to get in the labour mindset

    This massager was suggested to me by my antenatal nurse and other mums.

    It makes massaging actually possible thanks to my huge bump and I have noticed a slight increase in suppleness already.

    For the chance to reduce tearing it’s worth a try.

    Mari V. (Kensington, GB)
    First time mom

    Easy to learn and i feel like its working.

    R.C (Lexington, US)
    Easy way to perineal massage!

    Very thankful I found this device! I was interested in starting perineal massages in my third trimester but felt uncomfortable on how to do it. This tool makes it extremely easy to perform!

    Frequently asked questions

    Is Perimom an approved medical device?

    YES. Perimom is a medical device that is manufactured in accordance with strictest medical standards. The device is registered with the FDA in the USA and has the CE Mark in Europe.

    Is perineal massage for me?

    If your pregnancy is normal, then probably yes. Consult with your doctor or healthcare professional first, just to be sure.

    Who shouldn't use Perimom?

    Perineal massage should be avoided in the following cases: If you are in a high-risk pregnancy group
    If you have preterm contractions
    If you have been diagnosed as being at risk for pre-term labor
    If you have placenta previa
    If you have an active herpes outbreak or other vaginal or sexually transmitted disease
    If you have vaginal bleeding
    If you have risk of placental abruption
    If you are pregnant with multiple fetuses when the lower one is in breach presentation.

    What massage oil can I use with Perimom?

    You can use any off-the-shelf unscented massage oil of your choice. We recommend you use our almond oil

    How soon can I get Perimom?

    Perimom is delivered within a week of ordering. Expedited shipping is available.