Meta-analysis of fifty studies show perineal massage is associated with a lower risk of perineal lacerations: A study from Brazil

Title: The effectiveness of interventions in the prevention of perineal trauma in parturients: A systematic review with meta-analysis

This researchers from Brazil conducted a meta-analysis a total of fifty studies with a total of 17,221 participants. Their objective was to investigate the effectiveness of intervention to prevent the occurrence of perineal trauma in a woman during labour.

The researchers found no intervention done during childbirth to be effective for the prevention of perineal trauma when compared to no intervention. However, they found there was a lower risk of perineal tearing when doing various techniques during pregnancy, especially perineal massage compared to no intervention at all.

Citation: Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol . 2023 Feb 17;283:100-111

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March 13, 2023