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Great service and easy to use I recommend to mums out there

So far so good

I just purchased it, and still working on getting to know how it works and how confident I feel, but so far so good

Perimom Perineal Massager
Charlotte B. (Islington, GB)

Really easy to use and delivery was very quick. Would recommend

Helping me to get in the labour mindset

This massager was suggested to me by my antenatal nurse and other mums.

It makes massaging actually possible thanks to my huge bump and I have noticed a slight increase in suppleness already.

For the chance to reduce tearing it’s worth a try.

Perineal Massage Oil
Ashleigh O. (London, GB)
Excellent and Easy to use

So easy to use, no pain and works so well!

First time mom

Easy to learn and i feel like its working.

Easy way to perineal massage!

Very thankful I found this device! I was interested in starting perineal massages in my third trimester but felt uncomfortable on how to do it. This tool makes it extremely easy to perform!

Easy to use!

Since I have gotten my Perimom I was a bit reluctant to use it because I was afraid it would be a hurtful process. Since using the product it is easy to use and I feel no pain at all! I am just ending my second trimester and will continue to use this product throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. The length is perfect to navigate around my growing belly as well as the oil purchased with the product. Highly recommend to any mother to be trying to minimize perineum tearing.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Karen C. (London, GB)
Very helpful of you have short arms

It’s helpful and avoid hand fatigue if your arms are too short to reach

As easy as it sounds!

I got this as I was worried about tearing during birth and had heard great things. The shape and length of the handle make it very easy to self massage and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is planning to do do perineal massage before birth.

The massage you never knew you wanted

This is an important one ladies...massaging and stretching this area is supposed to reduce the likelyhood of tearing during childbirth. I have found it to be WAY easier then attempting the massage on your own with your own hands; there was just no comfortable position to make that reach. The long handle and smooth silicone make this all very doable. The oil is really nice too, so I recommend getting the whole kit. Best wishes on a smooth delivery!!

Need to use more regularly

I selected the kit with the oil. The ordering process was simple and my package arrived quickly. I have only used it once so far, but hope to make more time to use my perimom kit before the baby arrives.

Perimom Perineal Massager
jessica s. (Phoenix, US)

Perimom Perineal Massager

Highly Recommend

I am 36 weeks pregnant and this toll has given me so much confidence in my body’s ability to birth our son!

Perimom Perineal Massager
Helen F. (Camberley, GB)
SO Helpful

I have been really struggling to manage perineal massage on my own as I am 37 weeks and my bump is too big, directing my partner is just awkward and difficult. I have managed to do this a few times on my own now and I can say that it gets easier and more comfortable with each use. I would not be able to perform perineal massage on myself without the perimom, totally invaluable and well worth the cost.

Useful tool

I started using the Perimom perineal massager at 36 weeks pregnant. I had hoped to use more often but my baby arrived at 37 weeks 5 days so unfortunately I didn't receive the full benefit of using the massager for multiple weeks. I found the tool easy to use and helpful for reaching around my big belly! My only complaint is that it's pretty costly for something you'll only use for a couple of weeks at most.

Glad it exists!

This massager is well-designed and I'm very glad it exists. Doing the perineal massage on my own while pregnant is impossible. I do want to point out that it's designed for right-handed users and the material is plastic. I'm also happy with the scent-free high-quality oil that I purchased with the massager.

Great product, make massage a lot more comfortable

Not sure how I’d manage without Perimom at 35 weeks pregnant. I know how important massage is this gives me the confidence to do it regularly

Makes massage so easy!

Really wanted to incorporate perineal massage into my labor prep routine and this product has been perfect. The little canal for the lube is genius and I love that I can use it solo.

Love it !

Fast shipping and the tools and instructions are very easy to use and understand.

Great product

I was skeptical when this was recommended to me but over time I could tell it was working. I have recommended this product to other moms.

I’ve only used it a few times so far but seems to be effective and hopefully will help during labor!

Perimom Perineal Massager
Becka R. (San Francisco, US)
Satisfied customer

I knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to do perineal massage in the third trimester. This is my first pregnancy and I had no idea how uncomfortable and difficult to maneuver it would become late in the pregnancy (I’m having severe sciatica pain) making hip movement very painful. When I saw the Perimom massage device on my instagram I knew I had to get it. It arrived quickly and was so easy to use! I haven’t delivered yet, but truly believe this has helped me prepare for labor and delivery! The design is so ergonomic and the material is so smooth and soft! I love it! Would definitely recommend!

Much easier!

Much easier than navigating a pump and trying to massage without a tool. Bought with oil which smells lovely as well.

Really Useful for Reaching Past the Bump

I don’t think I’d be able to comfortable reach without this tool. Super useful to get past the bump and as a plus size person, it makes it so much easier. Happy with the purchase.