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Great product!

Great product!

Awesome Product!!

Very good product super helpful for pregnancy and preparing for birth I highly recommend using this in the last trimester to prepare your body to help baby make their entrance!!!!!!!

Excellent product

Great for mama's who need help reaching! Really well made too

Perimom Perineal Massager
Diana U. (Worcester Park, GB)
Very Impressed

I was a bit hesitant about Perimom but I decided to give it a go and I am very happy I did. I was able to perform the massage with no issues or pain. It really works

Great product!

This was a great way to prepare for birth-- very easy to use for my husband and me. I highly recommend to anyone that is pregnant!!

Quality product

I was pleasantly surprised when the Perimom massager arrived. I was expecting something "cheap" and "gimmicky" given there are barely any similar products on the market but actually, I was totally wrong, the quality is excellent and is a well designed product. The packaging was discreet and it arrived really quickly. I bought this alongside the massage oil which again seems good quality and smells nice too. I can't tell you whether or not it works to reduce the risk of tearing because I ended up having a ceserean section but if you are on the fence about buying it, just go for it. It's super easy to use and it helped me with the pre-natal anxiety of tearing as I felt I had some control over how things were going to go.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Barbara S. (London, GB)
Great help!

I’ve been using perimom for a week now. I found it super helpful and easy to use. Definitely recommend :)

Perimom Perineal Massager
Briana P. (Rosedale, US)
So easy and so helpful!

I loved the ease purchasing my PeriMom unit. It arrived so quick. I ordered it ahead of needing it just to account for the shipping and processing time but it was here within 4 days of ordering! I love that it makes perineum massages so easy and more comfortable than doing them myself and knowing I am doing it correct!

Perimom Perineal Massager
Dumebi L. (Gwynn Oak, US)
No Much effect

No much effect, although i was not using it consistently and i also started using it late

Perimom Perineal Massager
Kimberly D. (Malden, US)

The perimom tool was definitely helpful in reaching my perineal area especially being in the 3rd trimester. One thing I would say is to make the device so you could use it with both hands not just the right. Also, being made bpa free would be great too.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Cassie S. (Irving, US)
First time mom

I chose to purchase perimom and found the device to be easy to use for perineal massages. I liked being in control of the pressure I used with the device and not having to rely on a partner for help. I would purchase again.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Sarah T. (Carpentersville, US)
Successful experiment

Two of my friends were pregnant for the first time around the same time as me. We decided it would be fun to test if perineal massages worked! One did no perineal massages, another did here and there with no tool and was not consistent, and I used the Perimom consistently as directed. Both of my friends had perineal tears at birth and I did not! Now, it was not a perfect controlled experiment by any means but I do feel like it says SOMETHING on being a possible preventative for tearing.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Robyn (London, GB)
Great easy to use product

Definitely recommend this product for soon to be mums. The instructions are very clear and it’s easy and relatively (!) comfortable to use. I ended up having a c section so can’t comment on efficacy, but I feel like it was working and definitely gave me peace of mind ahead of labour. Will for sure use ahead of future pregnancies.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Lauren C. (Littleton, US)
Helped Prevent Needing External Stitches

I used the oil and massager at least once a week since 30 weeks pregnant. I had my baby at 37 weeks. I was in labor for 26 hours, and then pushed for 26 minutes and had my baby. I didn't tear or require stitches on my perineum. I would say the oil and massager worked to help soften and stretch skin.

Perimom Perineal Massager
K W. (Birmingham, GB)

Much easier than stretching around bump with your hand. Also difficult to do the massage if you have any nails at all.

Not for me

Not for everyone. I tried to use it twice- it’s extremely painful and I literally never want to see it again in my life. The idea is there, and it may work for some people. But for the price, just use your fingers if you can tolerate the pain either way.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Heather S. (Furlong, US)
Perfectly designed tool

At 35 weeks, this tool really helped me have peace of mind that I’m properly preparing my body for birth. It’s normal not to be able to reach for a perineal massage late in pregnancy, and this solves the issue perfectly!

Super easy to use!

I will try anything to prevent tearing, and the perimom makes massage so easy and convenient. This is my first pregnancy, so I know tearing is more likely. I’ve been following the recommended time for massage, and hopefully it will help! My partner is very happy that I don’t have to bother him to do it anymore, and it is much easier to do it on my time instead of trying to “schedule” it.

So worth the money!!

This was my first baby and I was so scared of tearing and willing to try anything. I read all of the positive reviews for the perimom and thought I'd give it a try. I started using it from 34 weeks for 5 minutes every day or every other day and can say that it is totally worth every penny!!

I gave birth to a tiny 6lb 1oz baby but had no perineal tearing thanks to the perimom. I did tear labialy, but this wouldn't have been helped by using perimom.

Highly recommend!!

Perimom Perineal Massager
R.L. (London, GB)
Makes the massage so much more comfortable and easy!I

Really loved the perimom for the time I used it. I found the videos helpful although not sure if I did it right. Would definitely recommend to other mums

Perimom Perineal Massager
Krystal S. (Newton, US)
I wanted to love this

As a single mother to be and a very self sufficient woman I thought this was the perfect solution to my birth prep. And it almost is. I’m left handed though and this requires you use it right handed. Using it left handed feels strange and using it right handed feels strange to my left handed brain. Wish there was an option for both!

Perimom Perineal Massager
Sharissa F. (Burlington, US)
1st Time Not Tearing

I was very pleased with my Perimom Perineal Massager! This was my third time giving birth and the first time I didn’t tear! I started the massage every night about two weeks before I went into labor. I highly recommend this product!!!

Helped immensely

The perimom was easy to use and helped me immensely in my preparation for birth. This was my second birth. I had an episiotomy with my first child and the healing process was long and uncomfortable. I'm so grateful to have found this product. I successfully birthed my daughter without tearing or needing another episiotomy and I do think that was partly due to the perimom as well as pelvic floor physical therapy. I would highly recommend this product.

Perimom Perineal Massager
Izzy (Derby, GB)
Make time to use it!

I don’t think I used mine enough as I needed to be cut but made the massage a whole lot easier!

Boosts my confidence. Worth the investment.

I tried to do perineal massage with my thumbs but couldn't reach my perineum with the (huge) bump in the way. So I bought Perimom. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. It is so intuitive to use and well worth the investment. Just give me the confidence I am doing what I can to prepare for the little one's arrival.