Perineal massage
made simple

It's in your hands

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Meet Perimom

With Perimom, you can do perineal massage completely by yourself. It lets you reach around the baby bump without having to be ultra-flexible and without having to ask a partner to help. Just you, whenever you want, so you have the peace of mind that you are doing your best to prepare for childbirth.

It’s completely in your reach.

Perineal massage is simple with Perimom

Step 1
Pour oil

Pour massage oil into a specially designed channel to reach the perineum with less mess

Step 2

Massage your perineum to make it more flexible in preparation for childbirth

Step 3
Wash, Store, Repeat

Wash Perimom with soapy water. Dry and store it until next time.

This is Perimom

For pregnant women who want to prepare for childbirth, the Perimom Perineal Massager is a great solution. It is so intuitive that anyone can start to use it within minutes.
— Debby Gedal, Midwifery Education Coordinator