The Complete Perineal Massage Bundle: Perimom + Perineal Massage Oil


Introducing the Perimom Ultimate Bundle, your go-to companion for an unparalleled perineal massage experience.

At the heart of this bundle is the Perimom Perineal Massager, revolutionizing the way you approach perineal massage during pregnancy. Its innovative design features a unique curved shape that allows you to massage your perineum with ease and comfort. 

The Perimom Bundle also includes a specially formulated Perineal Massage Oil*, an essential component for your journey toward childbirth preparation. Made of almond oil, it enhances the massage experience by promoting elasticity for your perineal area. The oil comes in an extra-large bottle (4 oz |120 ml). 

Rest easy knowing that the Perimom Ultimate Bundle adheres to the highest quality standards. It is FDA-registered in the US and CE-certified in Europe, ensuring that every aspect of its production meets the strictest regulations. 

Perineal massage is finally within your reach.


* Almond oil ingredientsPrunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid & Glycerin, Sorbic Acid

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 104 reviews
    Saidah F. (Forest Hill, GB)
    Really Useful for Reaching Past the Bump

    I don’t think I’d be able to comfortable reach without this tool. Super useful to get past the bump and as a plus size person, it makes it so much easier. Happy with the purchase.

    B.B. (Holland, US)
    Easy to use

    So far I am really loving the Perimom perineal massager. It is so easy to use and I can tell that it’s working. I am optimistic that this will be beneficial for my upcoming labor.

    A.W. (Atlanta, US)
    Overall great product

    I’m a first time mom and decided to try perineal massage to prevent tearing. I’ve been using Perimom for a couple of weeks now and I highly recommend it. Super easy to use and the instructions are very simple to follow! This is a great tool for labor preparation!

    Carla B. (Widnes, GB)

    Really happy with product. Easy to use.

    Megan G. (Silver Spring, US)
    Easy to Use

    This product makes perineal massage so easy to do even with a giant belly at 9 months pregnant.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is Perimom an approved medical device?

    YES. Perimom is a medical device that is manufactured in accordance with strictest medical standards. The device is registered with the FDA in the USA and has the CE Mark in Europe.

    Is perineal massage for me?

    If your pregnancy is normal, then probably yes. Consult with your doctor or healthcare professional first, just to be sure.

    Who shouldn't use Perimom?

    Perineal massage should be avoided in the following cases: If you are in a high-risk pregnancy group
    If you have preterm contractions
    If you have been diagnosed as being at risk for pre-term labor
    If you have placenta previa
    If you have an active herpes outbreak or other vaginal or sexually transmitted disease
    If you have vaginal bleeding
    If you have risk of placental abruption
    If you are pregnant with multiple fetuses when the lower one is in breach presentation.

    What massage oil can I use with Perimom?

    You can use any off-the-shelf unscented massage oil of your choice. We recommend you use our almond oil

    How soon can I get Perimom?

    Perimom is delivered within a week of ordering. Expedited shipping is available.