Perimom Perineal Massager

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Perimom is a simple aid that helps you make your perineum more flexible in preparation for childbirth. You can use it in the privacy of your home, at any time you want. Now, doing everything you can for a positive childbirth experience is in your hands.

  • The package includes a Perimom and a storage bag
  • FDA-registered and CE-mark certified
  • Free of allergens, toxins, and chemicals
  • Vegan certified (no animal testing)

Product dimensions

  • Product length:  8.66 Inches | 22 cm 
  • Product weight: 4.4 Libra | 125 gram 
  • Grip handle diameter: 2 Inches | 5 cm
  • Bottom spoon width: 1.3 Inches | 3.3 cm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Emma B. (Arvada, US)
Great Design

The perimom fits comfortably in hand and is a great design. Looking forward to preparing for birth and so happy to have the perimom!

Meagan H.
What I needed

This is exactly what was advertised. Much more comfortable then using your fingers. Allows you to sit in a more comfortable relaxed position too. Just disappointed that it was so expensive, considering its a piece of plastic.

Katrin M. (Thornton, US)
Happy with my purchase

I have been using the massage tool for a little over a week now so 5 times so far and I don’t regret buying it. I was very hesitant and postponed the purchase for weeks. It was super uncomfortable to do the massage by myself. The tool has a perfect shape for the job! Easy to hold it and easy to do the massage moves. It is also very easy to clean and keep it clean till the next use by putting it in the bag that comes with it. I hope for a smooth delivery and can’t wait to meet my baby!
I use the tool along with Weleda perineum oil.

Sage W. (Denver, US)
SO helpful!!!

My PT recommended perineum massage starting at week 35 of pregnancy. I did my best research to find a tool to help me since my belly is so big and found this one the most ideal. I felt kind of silly spending $50+ on this, but see it more as an investment in my well-being and preparation for my upcoming VBAC. All in all, I've been using it for the past week and a half and I find it very easy to use. I didn't buy the oil but use jojoba oil at home. Packaging is lovely and the wand itself is very sturdy, clean, and feminine. I'll see if I can update this review after I have my birth to share my final thoughts/results!

Ja (Atlanta, US)
Super easy to use.

Great product! Giving myself perineal massages with my own hands is just something I can’t mentally do, this make it a lot easier and peaceful.

Frequently asked questions

Is Perimom an approved medical device?

YES. Perimom is a medical device that is manufactured in accordance with strictest medical standards. The device is registered with the FDA in the USA and has the CE Mark in Europe.

Is perineal massage for me?

If your pregnancy is normal, then probably yes. Consult with your doctor or healthcare professional first, just to be sure.

Who shouldn't use Perimom?

Perineal massage should be avoided in the following cases: If you are in a high-risk pregnancy group
If you have preterm contractions
If you have been diagnosed as being at risk for pre-term labor
If you have placenta previa
If you have an active herpes outbreak or other vaginal or sexually transmitted disease
If you have vaginal bleeding
If you have risk of placental abruption
If you are pregnant with multiple fetuses when the lower one is in breach presentation.

What massage oil can I use with Perimom?

You can use any off-the-shelf unscented massage oil of your choice. We recommend you use our almond oil

How soon can I get Perimom?

Perimom is delivered within a week of ordering. Expedited shipping is available.